👋Hi and welcome to my space!

My name is Erich and I am a
guy currently situated in Vienna, Austria.

2009 vs 2017

👨‍💻 This is my personal space since 2006, so quite some long time. I’ve been working in the digital, advertising and marketing sphere since over 15 years in different roles on client side and also in well know agencies. You can explore more about my professional background in my CV or discover my academic work.

👨‍💼 I am currently part of the leadership team in the customer experience agency merkle and also have my own small consultancy boutique moweco.

🗂 Over the past years I have been working on a lot of side and personal projects and also founded my own SaaS startup.

📚 I love reading and books on mostly business related topics but also have dealt intensively with the question of personal knowledge management.

🚵 Beside my work I am a passionate mountain biker, adventurer, chilli farmer and electronic music fan.

Connect with me on Linkedin or just drop me a line