About Erich

My name is Erich and I am an digitization and marketing professional currently situated in Vienna/Austria. I’ve been in the marketing industry for over 15 years now and have been in different roles on client side and in agencies. As well I am an experienced startup founder with passion for making knowledge based work easier and less painful. Currently I focus on topics like future organization, new ways of leadership, organizational design in a post pandemic area and new ways of working together. I don’t like the term new work quite much, but it describes the things quite good.

I work for the costumer experience agency merkle but also have limited time available via my small consulting boutique moweco. Currently my focus in consulting is future proof marketing and agile marketing organizations. If you are interested in the topic lets connect – if you are German speaking you should check out my thesis on this topic.

My greatest passion is being in the nature and enjoying mountain-biking: