The capital of Peru is one of the biggest and beautiful cities in entire South America. Founded in the 15th century by the Spanish it has a lot of old colonial style buildings in the city center to offer and a vibrant lifestyle all across the city. Lima is located directly at the Pacific Ocean and has therefore also beachfronts to visit (but don’t expect sandy beaches) and loads of delicious food based on ocean wildlife. The city is really big and has lots of different neighborhoods but as the tourist hotspot evolved clearly Miraflores at the southern part of the town It is located directly at the coast line and has a vibrant nightlife and good infrastructure.

Historic city center

Plaza Mayor de Lima
The main square is the highlight in the historic center with its big fountain in the middle. Surrounded is the square by lots of other important political or cultural buildings: Cathedral of Lima, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Pizarro’s House or the La Casa del Oidor.

Estatua Francisco Pizarro and Parque La Muralla
At the north end you can find some conserved pieces of the old city wall in this park. Next to it is a big statue of Pizarro.

Mercado central
The central market is near Plaza Bolivar and has a very rich offering of sea food. You can have a fresh and super cheap meal also at this place. Almueruos cost around 20 soles. In the picture you can see ceviche, the typical meal with seafood and fish.

Basílica y Convento de San Francisco de Lima

Convento de Santo Domingo

Fortaleza del Real Felipe
Not direct in the city center but in the Callao district is this old fortress from the 18th century and very well conserved. I was not inside but they also have a museum and tours through the building.


The district of Miraflores is located south part on the city directly on the Pacific shore line. It is said to be the most area where most of the younger tourists stay, but I didn’t get the vibe that it is a backpacker gathering there. Plenty of local life is happening in the area and sometimes the scenery is mixed with some hotels.

At the heart of the district is the Kennedy park, a very large modest area inviting to chill and spend some hours There is also lots of cultural activity going on around here.

Malecón de Miraflores is the seaside promenade with an amazing view down to the ocean, as the walk is on a 50m high cliff. Around there is also a mid sized park and the paragliding starting point.

The view gets even better in the evenings to watch the sun set at this area.

Parque de Amor is a smaller park down the Malecon and features a big statue of a loving couple in the middle.

A little more down to the south end of the bay there is the bigger Parque Salazar also with Larcomar shopping center at its heart. The area here is way bigger then the other parks before so you will easily find a free bench to chill here. The shopping center is also equipped with loads of western brand shops but beware of the prizes.

Palomino islands

The palomino island is a small group of islands around 10km distance form Lima city away. The close distance is also probably the main reason why the place is a quite popular daytrip destination. I did a half day boat tour and was brought to 4 different island. Downturn was, we didn’t enter a single of them and just watched the wildlife from there. A highlight is the sea lion colony on ne of the islands, where the entire scenery is packed full of those animals – I read that 5.000 should live in the area. Othered then that I saw some penguins and loads of sea birds.