The city of Guayaquil is located in the south west of Ecuador and is the called door to the Pacific and also the Galápagos Islands. The city also recently gained a really bad reputation regarding security there and lot of people also recommend even to entirely skip it in the travel route. I didn’t completely skipped but reduced the stay to a minimum of one day – which I completely regret after spending one very nice day here. I was in the city center and the shore promenade which was given me a very nice and also save impression. I heard before that the city official’s really do their best to keep the main tourist spots save. I was also walking through a big market, and I must honestly say that I felt more uncomfortable in Medellin for example. So all in all I was very positiv surprised and regret now that I didn’t have some more days to check out the save parts of the city.

Of course this impression of the city is due to my short stay only a snapshot but hopefully a positive one to also change the image of Guayaquil a little bit to the better.

The beach shoreline Malecón 2000 is a very nice spot directly on the shore line of the city and is quite fun to walk. There are many monuments, small parks and other things to explore along the walk. On the lower end they even have their one version of the London eye.

Torre Morisca is s small clock tower that is located at the upper end of the Malecon 2000 strip.

Parque Seminario is the main park in the center area with the big cathedral at the back. The park itself is not that huge, but it has a very welcoming shade in the midday heat to offer. Besides there are lots of iguanas and a pond with full of smaller turtles to check out.

The big Catedral Católica Metropolitana de Guayaquil is located behind the Seminario park and the main church of town.