My mountainbike story dates back to the year 2006 went I got my first bike – a Merida something for 700€. I quickly got into the vibe and ever since then I explored more fields of the sport: I got into big bike riding but also stick to my roots of riding longer tours in the alps. Over the past years I tried a lot of different bikes and was on the edge of the latest developments in the sector. I was part of the wheel size change from 26” to 27,5” and finally to 29” and also the geometry of the bikes changes a lot in the last 10 years.

Places I can recommend riding (in AUT)

Those are some places in Austria I have been personally riding there and can recommend you to check out as well. There are plenty more good venues for sure, as Austria is a beautiful spot for mountainbiking.

  • Wexxltrails – My home area where I started mountainbiking over 10 years ago. Now the trail ride area is very well established and easy to ride. Also ideal for newbies.
  • Bikepark Semmering – A bikepark where I made my first steps on a downhill bike 10 years ago. A smaller area compared to others but also offering a solid weltcup downhill line.
  • Bikepark Schladming – A recently revamped bikepark with both downhill and trailriding lines. I am there at least once every year.
  • Trailcenter Reiteralm – A area close to the Schladming bike park but more focused on trail riding. The trails lines are are versatile for everyskill. I usually also ride the 1000m climb to the top by myself.
  • Bikepark Leogang – A very popular place in Austria where also the UTC downhill worldcup stops every year. Awesome downhill lines.

Current gear

Canyon Spectral CF 8.0

I was very lucky to get this bike in summer 2021, at a time were the entire industry was struggling with delivery issues. As of the problems with my last YT bike I took a step back and chose this time a bike with a less downhill orientated geometry and also less travel. I already was in bikeparks with it and it is super fun and gives me personally more the feeling of control in the more centralized riding position as the YT Capra.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ghost Lector 6 LC

Got the bike in 2017 to also have a lightweight hardtail in my garage and also to participate in MTB marathons. Overall I am quite happy with the bike, it is not the super lightest (around 10,5kg) but has very good downhill capabilities through its robust and stiff carbon fiber frame.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Past gear

YT Capra CF Pro

As a outspoken Fan of the YT Capra I decided 2019 to get the revamped model. It was the first bike on 29” from YT at the time and very downhill orientated. The first rides were really fun cause the bike just blasts through every passage but I was feeling rather uncomfortable with the much backwards sitting position. My entire balance was at the back and I always had trouble to keep the front wheel under pressure. The ongoing problems resulted in a big crash where I lost the front wheel exactly because of the bikes balancing problems. After 2 seasons I decided to give it away.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

YT Capra CF Comp

My first YT Capra was a very modern bike when I got in 2016. I served me 3 seasons and it was a really good allround bike where I could do my 50km tours but also hit the trails or bike park with it. It just gave it away in favor for the updated model that came then in 29” wheels.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Radon Swoop 175 9.0

My last 26” bike was a real freeride bike with 17cm travel back and front but only at 13,5kg, which was amazing lightweight (with an aluminum frame!!). I discovered the brand Radon at an MTB magazine and was instantly hooked by the bikes and also by their unbeatable value for money.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ghost AMR Plus Lector 9000

My first step into fully mountainbiking was this bike which I got in 2011. For that time the travel of 15cm was quite a lot and was concepted for heavy terrain activities. Also brand new at that time was the concept of a adjustable seat post, still with the trigger beneath the seat.

Rating: 4 out of 5.