Being one of the touristic places in all Thailand, Phuket also got my attention for a visit. I was there for 10 days which was in my experience long enough to see quite a lot the island can offer. Phuket itself is not a town but an entire island connected via a road to the main part of Thailand – so there is also from the standpoint of geographical size a lot to see: beautiful beaches all around the island, a very nice town with buildings from the colonialism times and also the many surrounding islands.

My take from Phuket was that you have to careful pick the area where to stay. My hotel was at Patong beach but I got very shortly fed up of the crowds and the loud nightlife. It is very touristic and you have to look around to find real authentic Thai way of life. If you enjoy eating burger and pizza every day and party all night it is a desired place to go. For me it was just my homebase and I did a lot of things in the surroundings like diving on Kho Pi Pi, day trip to Kho He or just explore the island by ourself on a motorbike.


Big Buddha
Good visible from the sea is one of the main attractions on Phuket: the big Buddha. Built on the top of a hill the big statue overlooks the entire island. Besides the monument itself the place also offers a view on all 4 directions of the island. Beware of the monkeys that live there and try to snatch things from tourists.

Phuket old town
Phuket town is located on the south east part of the island and is well know for its streets with the small buildings from the Portuguese colonization. Wat Mongkhon Nimit is also in the city center as well as the main market shown on the images. Best way to explore is to just walk around in the small streets and look what you can find there.

Beaches & viewpoints

The beaches of Phuket is probably the most popular reasons to go there and there are really plenty of them distributed all over the island. There are the big and popular one like Patong but also small and not so crowded ones that are more an insider tip. What ever you prefer, you should find the right place here. Myself didn`t visited all of them and i present you just my take of the many available options.

Patong beach
Well know for the nightlife there the beach is normally also at daytime sort of crowded as it is the most popular tourist stay on the island. The beach itself is quite long so the big crowd spreads evenly.

Karon & Kata
Both beaches are south from Patong and are also very high frequented by tourists.

A very nice beach quite close to the airport which is not very crowded.

Cape phrom Theo & windmill viewpoint
At the south west end of the island you can find those 2 viewpoint quire close to each other. They offer a very nice view to the open sea and the next closest islands.

Surrounding islands

Kho He / Coral island
South of the main island around 1h with the boat is the small island of Kho He. You are landing on pier and a really nice beach that was not to crowded.

Kho Pi Pi
Very popular destination for a day trip is the 3h boat trip away island group of Kho pi pi. The view coming from the boat is really stunning as you face high cliffs overgrown with jungle being disrupted by beautiful beaches. The most popular turn yet really overrun of them is Maya beach from the movie „the beach“.

Going out

Bangla road at Patong beach
If your searching for crazy atmosphere and loads of people then the bangla road next to the Patong beach is your destination. Becoming a walking street in the evening the area is full of bars, clubs and shops with a crazy, wild vibe. Be warned the place is packed full with tourists and might also be disturbing for some female.