thoughts on new projects1 min read

What I should do that days is, to finish my master thesis and start learning for my final exam in september. But I really like to use my brain for other stuff like ideas on new web projects. Some of my ideas:

– trash weblog: this thing is in my mind for a quite long time. I hope to get not too old in the meentime for this type of things!! 🙂 content will be mostly strange and cool stuff found in the web.

– cult, 90s, oldschool page. I loved the 90s and the computer stuff there. For all who are in there early twenties like I, I will make a colletction of features related to stuff like old 2d adventures, win95 stuff, and so on. just to remember the good old times!

– mobile ajax demos: My 2nd passion besides web stuff are mobile applications. AS now operamini supports AJAX apps, i will do something with these things and I hope to gather some expirience thereby. Mobile 2.0 is a new buzz word besides web2.0. i hope it will also be that sucessfull.

Besides: on friday I will celebrate my 23th birthday!! yeah..25 here we go!!

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