Master Thesis

“Das Potential von User Generated Content im Mobilfunk am Beispiel eines Konzepts für ein Mobile Blogging Portal in Österreich”
(ger/112 pages/PDF) – Master Thesis at FH Informationsberufe on how to implement a sucessfull moblog portal

work & projects

Starting learning…

Shure I have started learning for my exam weeks before , but now I expierience the last 2 weeks before the big day. Besides, my finished master thesis has been graded with a 2 (B) – which is quite satisfactory for me. I’ll start to send out the papers and all other infos which are not in the work to my supporters soon. If anyone really reads this blog: I’m looking forward for a new job by mid september. So please contact me if there’s a current possibilty in your company!


Feed Agregator update

My personalportal called rss feed agregator is now capable to display the news on mobile devieces too. I just fixed some stuff in the css to do so. I thnik it’s an good entry point for browsing in the mobile web. Maybe if i have some spare time i will ad some features like customisation etc. to develop a service which provides such an customized portal for a single user. Now this page is just for my personal usw only!!

work & projects

Finished Master thesis and job

On monday there was the deadline for my master thesis. I finished working on it by time and just look forward to my grade – hopefully a 2 or 1. I’m rather pleased with the look and content of the work right know although i made a cut of more dann 30 pages. Everything is now written more precise and compact.

The next thing to update is that I will quit my job at 3united on friday cause of the needed exam preparation, which I will face on the 13th september. So this was just a very short update on what currently going on in my life!

News from my projects: openbook project is just delayed because I find no time to do some programming on it. I registred the domain – there will be soon some news and demos on how to use ajax in a mobile enviroment. Content is also coming soon – hopefully!! I got besides other ideas but just spent all my time on the community building of my new psp forum, which is a part of my project


update page layout

I spent today working on a new layout for this blog here. Beasides I added the comment feature, for those people who want seriously to give feedback on what i talk about. I think the new design is quite good – maybe I’ll submit it at css remix
or any other design gallery. So, please give me some feedback on how u like the new layout!!