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Finished Master thesis and job1 min read

On monday there was the deadline for my master thesis. I finished working on it by time and just look forward to my grade – hopefully a 2 or 1. I’m rather pleased with the look and content of the work right know although i made a cut of more dann 30 pages. Everything is now written more precise and compact.

The next thing to update is that I will quit my job at 3united on friday cause of the needed exam preparation, which I will face on the 13th september. So this was just a very short update on what currently going on in my life!

News from my projects: openbook project is just delayed because I find no time to do some programming on it. I registred the domain – there will be soon some news and demos on how to use ajax in a mobile enviroment. Content is also coming soon – hopefully!! I got besides other ideas but just spent all my time on the community building of my new psp forum, which is a part of my project

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