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new year – new flavour1 min read

Yeah, something changed here: I spent this day whit optimizing the design of this page. I still do not like the top part, especially the header image, so there will be even more changes in the next few days.

So whats going on? – Not much. I spent the last 2 weeks on redesigning some of my projects and some bug fixing on openKE. There will be soon much more rumors about this project of mine cause I will start to make some good voice for it and promote on several pages. There are still some features to implement and some security issiues to fix but i think of a launch very soon cause of possible competitors, although it still think it’s a unique idea!

Some new topics I am thinking on: mobile podcasting and mobile social networking. I’m planning to use some modules of the openKE application to build other community based plattform out of it. Some of my thoughts and future trends can be found here.

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