Boreout Syndrom

Just read this very interesting article about the so called boreout syndrome. So what’s this all about: basically the theory is just the opposite of the very famous burnout syndrome and is the caused by boredom in a working situation. It contains of 3 elements, that can occur in a not satisfactionary job:

  • to be unchallenged
  • disinterest
  • boredom

More details on this very interesting theory you can find in this wikipedia article or in the book „Diagnose Boreout“ by Philippe Rothlin and Peter R. Werder (both in german language).

4 Antworten auf „Boreout Syndrom“

hy there, i just finished reading the book. great reading!they combine a serious topic with funny stories. hope i can make the right steps now to get ouf of my boreout…:)

I have been trying to get this book for Vice President with no success except finally today the book arrived from Germany in German. Do you know where I can get this book in English. Help

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