Boys need (new) Toys1 min read

Last week was the week of the new gadgets for me. I changed my workplace at home from two 19 inches monitors standing side by side to a 22 inches widescreen monitor. Cause of this change I have now this Samsung monitor to give away for about 250€.

Apart form the new monitor I ordered after 4 years with the same mobile phone number a new one combined with the cool W950i smart phone . The new mob is really easy to handle and has an awesome set of features:
– 4gb internal memory for a real big punch of music
– Symbian UIQ operating system (which is unfortunately sometimes very latently)
– Opera mobile Browser Platform which supports JavaScript and AJAX (Yeaah dude, my moajax lib will be out soon)
– Walkman music player
– touch screen
– and many more…..

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