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Somehow lots of people have been dropping me emails in the past days asking for a joost invitation. Yep, it’s true I am a beta tester but I expirience problems with my invitations like many others do. For more infos see this posting in the support forum. So I’m sorry to say but at the moment i can’t send you an invitation.

If joost fixes their bugs with the invitation system I will send out my invitaions to the people asking for it but I can’t promise you that this will ever happen.

Since my post here more and more email bounce into my mailbox. I’ve now heard that the invitations are open again and any registered user can send an unlimted amount of invitations. So please stay patient, I will send you the invitations – if posible – today evening!

[Update 2]
Everyone should now have one invitation from me. I have about 990 ones left – so comment here or drop me a line and i’ll send you the invitaion!

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if you have any more invitations to Joost, I’d love to try it out… thanks!

Hello There,
Could you please send me an invitation??? I would love to have one…….

Thanks a lot


I would really appreciate if I could also get one!
Thanks in advance,

bye jp

I would really like an invitation to Joost. Thanks in advance.


I would love to beta test this service. Would you be so kind as to to send me one? I would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you.:)


i would love to get an joost invitation (if you still have one left)


Thank you!

Hi, if you have any invitations left, I would like to receive one. Thank You

tks458 at hotmail dot com

Please send me an invitation! I am looking forward to it!

Can u please provide me the invitation to Joost please?

kartik75 (at) gmail (dot) com


G’day, just wondering if you had any joost invites left? Would really appreciate one if you do.


Hello to you,
I would really appreciate if you could send me an invitation to share the joost beta project!
Thanks in advance,

Do you have any spare Joost invitations? If so, could you send me one? Thanks a lot.

Hi Erich,

please would you be so kind to send me an invitation for joost.

Thanxs a lot.


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