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update master thesis and new projects1 min read

As some of you might know: I wasn’t able to finish my master thesis in a satisfactory way by June. I am a little bit pissed off cause of that and I will be hopefully able to finish my study just in autumn. Cause of the free time I experience now and during the summer I will start many new web projects, which I at the beginning planned to start when I have finished my study.

The main new web project of mine will be a webdesign, webdev blog. I will create a fancy up-to-date CSS/XHTML design for the blog, which maybe will also take part in several css competitions or others. The topic of the blog will mainly be web design, web development, web standards, web marketing, and so on. It will not be one of these pseudo SEO and “I tell you how to earn a lot of money with your site” crap, but just straight forward tips und tricks from my personal point of view.

Now you will say, “ok, just one more of these type of blogs”. I don’t want to copy any of the existing “webmaster” and so on “guide blogs”, but try to make my own way. By the way: the blog will be in German language. Just look forward to it….

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