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The last few days I was working hard on my open knowledge community project (formerly anounced as openiktbook). I decided to change the name into OpenKE, which means open knowledge enviroment or exchange – i’m not quite sure at this stage about the name. I registered the domain for this project, already symbolising the non profit character of it. As you can see I’ve made a few logo design for the page – my favorite is the one that I inserted at the top. Feedback is very welcome!!

Besides a little bit of artwork I spent a lot of time on the architecture, database design of the whole application. The DB strucure is at this stage done and I’m just optimizing the queries and so on. For your intrest: I made a own approach of a tagging implementation, which is actually not that new cause also utw uses it, but the performance and handling of it is quite good. I dont’ think it could be done significant better. If you are intresting in this information I can write a tutorial on it. It’s quite hard to find infos on building a tagging implementation on the net, so I think it’s a good recource for all of you.

I don’t talk much about the features of this application, cause I just keep thinking on new cool features and this and that…There’s no clear picture of it in my mind at this stage, so I can just tell you that is is about free knowledge resources like book, videos of conferences, free e-learning courses and so…This is one part, another is the interaction between the users on the plattform. To prove that I’m not talking shit, here are my notes on the features:

---Global Feature List----
- Resources Area
* Tags/Tagcloud/Taglist
*Popular Searches/
*Latest and Popular Stuff Lists
- Knowledger Area
*Visualisation of all resources
*ability to discover new field of intrest
- Exchange Area
*e-learning courses
_ User Profile
* Skill Table
- Popular Searches
- Log User interaction for a user profile

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