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1 hour of wordpress templating1 min read

Last week I started again with some template designing for wordpress, cause I’m not satisfied with the layout of some of my blogs. I want to make a style like the famous US blogs techcrunch and readwriteweb (3 colums, 2 sidebar elements..).

I began my journey with creating a simple wrapper for a wordpress template, which is a work of just a few minutes. WordPress gets a lots of critisism because ot the templating mechanism which do not offers a strict seperation of layout and code. I don’t bother and must admit that wordpress ist still my number #1 blog system. The two screens show first the basic wrapper, which is the base for my theme and the second one showing a semi finished theme with the colors of this blog here. All in all, just one hour of work.


As you can see, you can use the basic wrapper to create a really powerfull and stylish template just using CSS. You can download the wrapper here, and give it a try to create your first wordpress template!


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