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openKE nominated for Cisco Web2.0 Award

I’m proud to announce that my project is one of 5 nominated finalists of the Cisco Web2.0 Award. The official presentation of the winning project will be on June the 26th as part of the Cisco Expo event.

To be honest I was so very surprised that my project has been nominated cause it’s the only private project of the 5 finalists. I had no budget (still have none!), no idea where the dev process will lead me to, but finally I think the outcome is an unique and useful product.


LeCuck strikes again

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According to the rumor reporter an a couple of Monkey Island Fanpages LucasArts is working on the 5th part of everyones favorite adventure game. The 3 pics showing some concept art, also been leaked to WorldofMI by someone who’s actually involved in the project. After the big success of sam&max session 1 I think it’s the best moment for LucasArts to bring out MI5. Hopefully they try harder than in part 4.