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OpenKE Update 21 min read

Another time to present another new logo. Now with more web2.0 flavour. I think this will be the final one. Beta registration for openKE is no open – feel free to register and test the features of the plattform. Development goes on all little bit though, cause I spent most of the time in doing bug fixes or optimizing the code.

New features will come soon: I’m planning an user rating system based on the number of postet bookmarks, and valuable comments in the groups. I think no community based app can do without such ranking mechanisms to encourage people to be active. Another part I’m currently inplementing is an automatically generated user skill profile based on the data from searches and other action an user makes on openKE. The system will learn from the actions of the user and will group data sets to get a view of the users intrests and maybe also his skills. This feature is a little bit delicate part because of issues like privacy etc.

I got quite a good feedback from the first user of openKE – thank u for that. Stay tuned for more infos.

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